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We strive to be a leading law firm in data security & privacy protection law. We nevertheless provide a broad range of services. Creativity, high standards and providing the highest level of integrity, inform all our work. 

We are leaders in each of the areas in which we practice and are engaged in high stakes cases. We conduct trials, arbitrations, mediations and negotiations and counsel on litigation avoidance and risk management. These matters primarily involve corporate litigation, data security and privacy protection services, contract law, corporate governance & compliance and formulating binding corporate rules.

First Lawyers is active in a wide range of industries. Our clients include companies in the health care, life sciences, software, education, consumer products and financial services industries. 

If you would like to find out more about our legal services, please don’t hesitate to contact us or be referred to the subjects as listed below.

  •  Data security & privacy protection

  •  E-commerce & marketing

  •  Corporate litigation

  •  Corporate governance & compliance

  •  Contract law

  •  Insurance 

We invite you to explore the breadth and depth of our capabilities.


Data protection & privacy

Nowadays, the advances in technology have dramatically changed the way we collect and use personal information. Companies can easily and more rapidly than ever before, collect, copy and transfer personal data around the world. At the same time, new privacy and security laws in a number of different jurisdictions — for example the EU, the US and the Middle East and virtually all key business segments are facing very complex and often inconsistent privacy and data protection standards.

First Lawyers is uniquely positioned and devoted to help and guide clients who struggle to keep up with the fast- changing and critical data protection laws and therefore face and increasing risk of serious data breaches. Our approach is to find practical and commercially realistic, clear solutions to all your privacy and data questions and issues. While minimising the risks that correlate to data breach incidents and reputational risks, we strongly focus on strategically maximising data value and management and make your company compliant with all privacy relates rules and regulations.

We are a seeing a growing number of „right to be forgotten claims” and „data breach notification claims” against controllers and / or processors from affected clients. We support clients in their interactions with regulators and civil claims on data matters. Our practice includes both conducting internal investigations on behalf of clients and defending clients subject to government investigations.

Our wide expertise includes:

  • Privacy and data protection: global data transfers, including Binding Corporate Rules, data subject access, health privacy, data mapping, compliance programs and policies, data notifications, dawn raids

  • Online privacy: cookie compliance, cloud computing

  • Data security: data breach incidents and response, crisis management, encryption and authentication, identity verification


E-commerce & marketing

Every company that sells products or services on the Internet has to deal with several legal guidelines and rules in the world of electronic commerce. While E-commerce offers extraordinary opportunities for doing business and reaching global markets, it also poses numerous challenges: these relate to maintaining intellectual property, privacy requirements, electronic contracts and hosting agreements and multi- jurisdictional issues.

First lawyers helps their clients to organize their E-commerce activities, minimize the risks from their online presence and works with them to design online legal strategies.

We counsel clients on all aspects of e-Commerce, which includes:

  • Website terms of use and sales conditions

  • Electronic contracting

  • Online marketing agreements

  • licensing agreements

  • Data retention and protection policies

  • Cookie compliance


Commercial litigation

Our team includes a broad experience in corporate risk management and conflict management, advising senior level board members and executives of corporates and organisations. Commercial disputes generally arise from disagreements over contractual obligations. Part of the practice of First lawyers is to help clients arrange their affairs to manage and reduce risks, in an early stage and with as little disruption to business as possible. Our main priority to resolve disputes effectively and quickly, with as little disruption to business as possible. While we advise clients on choosing the method most appropriate to them, we strive to resolve our cases through negotiation, recognizing the fact that litigation is a time consuming and costly process. Our team has also experience with alternative dispute resolution. Emphasizing on client collaboration at every step, we actively pursue all avenues of dispute resolution available provided with reasonable rates.

Our team of lawyers includes an experienced senator, enabling us to represent clients effectively in the most difficult and sophisticated (government) investigations on data security and privacy matters.


Corporate Governance & compliance

Corporate directors and managers have to deal with a growing number of government requirements, best practices and several regulations. This may distracts boards from their day-to-day activities and management’s running of the business.

First lawyers advises companies to establish corporate compliance programs that not only address compliance risks, but also mitigate problems that would adversely affect business operations or shareholder value. Moreover, we train employees to of beyond the „paper plan” by making data security & privacy protection reality.


ICT Contracts

Our lawyers structure and negotiate a wide variety of agreements, including services and outsourcing agreements such as license agreements, privacy policies and disclaimers, processors’ agreements, service level agreements.